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Optimum customer satisfaction

Group 820

Customer Service
PEG have worked hard to guarantee optimum customer satisfaction levels that is why Customer service department was established to maintain ongoing client relationships.

Group 1248

Our Personnel
We have an efficient, well trained, courteous and empathetic personnel that interact directly with customers and knows well the difference between losing or retaining a customer and capable of solving problems when arise, and follow up on customer satisfaction.

Group 1249

Our Customers
We believe that customers should receive full attention to the issues they suffer from and communicating with them via emails and phone calls to maintain good relations.

Group 1252

Branches & Locations
PEG Branches and facilities are well located to serve our customers all over Egypt without any delay or obstacles.

PEG Main Branch
6 El Fawakeh street, Mohandessen – Giza – Egypt
+202 33369520/1/2 – 37612587

PEG Alex Branch
El Moskar El Romani Street – Rushdy
+203 35468914

PEG Service Workshop
Street No. 40 from Street No. 3
1st industrial zone, 6th October City
+202 38201812

PEG Luxor Branch
Conference Street – Flash Building
Beside 25th Jan. Hotel – Luxor
+095 2359377 

PEG Stores
El Matahin Street, 3rd industrial zone
6th of October City

PICO Free Zone
Ameria, Alexandria.

Group 1837

Customer Service
Office hours for PICO Group companies are 9am to 5pm (CLT), Sunday through Thursday.

Customer Service
+202 37494769

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